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What is stress?

Signs, symptoms and more..

Stress relief

Tips and techniques to help manage stress

Stress reduction techniques

Easy things like smiling, laughing and doing things you love

Planning and organization

Planning helps decrease stress

Relaxation techniques

There is something for everyone

Family stress

Don’t let family get you down..

Stress free cleaning tips

Take the stress out of cleaning

Travel stress

Vacation time cause more stress than it helps?  It doesn’t have to

Essential oils

Diffuse your way to a better mood

Who are we?

About life’s stress balls

We have been there and have learned to manage our stress . Can we promise that you will never have stress or anxious feelings again? Of course not, we wouldn’t be honest if we did say that because these feelings are part of our day to day lives, some days may be worse than others.  So, we cannot take it all away but we can help you to control and manage your feelings the way we have. We have named our technique’s Life’s Stress Balls…   welcome to your way to De-stress for life!