Bring happiness with a smile and laughter

Improving your happiness with a smile or a laugh is an amazingly easy thing to do. This stress reducer is totally free and will not only make you feel less stressed and tense but it also has the added bonus of making people around you happy as well. (A great way to improve the any tension in the work place..  pass around a smile) The sound of laughter is contagious and in this troubled world is a welcome break from everyday annoyances.

Why frowning is bad for you

Did you know that a frown or grimace uses more muscles in your face than a smile? So if you go around all day with a frown on your face you are tensing lots of facial muscles and this can lead to head discomfort and a general sense of tiredness. The muscles used to smile have the added bonus of also relaxing your face. This is not only because it uses fewer muscles to smile versus frown, but also a smile can happen often in little bursts, thus tensing and then relaxing the face all day. This is much better than a long continues frown causing tense facial muscles all day. So put a smile on your face and let the fun begin.

Why is laughter and smiling a great stress reliever?

Smiling and laughing are one of our favorite life’s stress balls?

Over the years studies have been carried out to research the health benefits of laughter and the results have shown that having a good laugh on a regular basis does in fact affect both your mental and physical health.

The short term benefits of laughter and smiling

  • It immediately changes your mood by releasing more endorphins in the brain which make you feel happy.  Laughing increases the intake of oxygen to your body which stimulates your heart and lungs
  • Laughing increases your heart rate and blood pressure which then cools down and so produces a relaxed feeling and so is a great stress reducer

The long term benefits of laughter and smiling

  • It improves the immune system by preventing stress which can cause negative affects on the body’s chemical system, which impairs the immune system.
  • It can reduce pain due to the endorphins generated when laughing, endorphins are natural painkillers.

Tips to get your happiness back by smiling and laughing

  • Pin up cut out cartoons around your desk
  • Laugh at yourself more often rather than criticizing yourself
  • If you are a TV watching ..  pick some sitcoms or comedies.  A 30 minute sitcom is a great way to get a smile and a laugh
  • Read more humor (I am currently… slowly.. reading the Stephanie Plum series and these books never fail to make to smile and laugh)
  • Go to a comedy club
  • Share a joke or three
  • Join in when others around you laugh, ask “what’s the joke”?
  • Practice smiling when you are on your own (even this will help to release endorphins)

The Chinese Inner Smile Technique

When you find yourself feeling irritable for any reason you could try this Chinese stress reducer. It should help to calm you down and focus away from your tense irritable feelings.
  • Sit comfortably with your back straight and arms by the sides.
  • Think of something that makes you smile, a joke, a film, your cat etc
  • Smile inwardly, feel the smile inside.
  • Let the feeling of the smile go all over your body, keep thinking about your thought all the time until the feeling of the smile consumes you inside.
  • Now concentrate on the area just below your navel (the Chinese call this the tan tien, your essence).
  • Continue to experience the feeling of the smile until you feel warm and relaxed all over.
  • Once you feel relaxed and calm you will find that your irritability and feelings of stress should be either gone or have reduced.
So today is your day.. Get your happiness back with a . smile and a good laughing session. Let us know how it goes in our Facebook group!

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