No Stress Monday

Hi all..

I want to welcome you to join me every week for a quick Facebook live post with a tip of the week of help you de0stress and work towards a stress free work week.

We will post Sunday evening or Monday each week.

You can find the weekly posts on our Facebook page –>> Life’s Stress Balls

We will share more information about the tip of the week on this page so be sure to add it to your favorites and check it out.

Previous topics have included:

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are a great way to manage stress and they are also a great way to control and prevent stress.  We recommend starting your week or each morning with a short breathing exercise.  Repeat throughout the day if you feel stress, anxious feelings or feelings of panic coming on.  Have a bust day .. repeat as a preventative measure.


Making a to do list for the week is a great way to avoid stress.  Things always come up..  at least for most of us.. but having a plan in place can help.  Remember to leave some free time for those things that pop up in your plan.

Our life’s stress ball on planning will include some amazing tips.. from to do list to meal planning and more.

This can be on a piece of paper, a post it or an official planner or to do list.  We are loving all the Happy Planner items lately. We got hooked on this in the fall and bought the 18 months big planner that goes from July until the following December.  We wasted a few months but did not want to wait until January to start. We have several accessories now and will post more info on that soon.  (P.S.  Can you believe the 18 month planners fro July 2018 to December 2019 are already out!)

For meal planning we have gotten some cute little to do list even from the dollar store.


Stress at work rant/vent

It always helps to let it all out. Join us as a De-stress VIP and receive access to our private Facebook group very soon where you can vent and share your story.  If you want feedback let us know, if you just want to get it off your chest that is good too.  Rules on language will be enforced.  For now you can vent on our regular Facebook page @ lifesstressballs

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